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House-Lights at Night


Pixel Lights run on lower voltage amps than any of our competition, which means no power boosters and a more energy efficient system for your home. We provide the first truly DIY, easy to install, fully customizable permanent lighting system, and we aim to continue to bring you the best and brightest in outdoor lighting. Our lights are also unique to the market, as they pop in with a barb (unlike finicky screw cap lighting).

Absolutely! Even though Pixel Lights are made to be easy to install, not everyone has the time or the tools to do it. Experienced installers can help set up and install your Pixel Lights properly. We recommend contacting us and we can point you in the right direction to find a quality contractor in your area.

Don’t worry, our fully transferable warranty will be transferred to the new owners!

Our 5 year warranty covers installations that use our recommended equipment and follow the correct installation procedure.

Yes, we ship in Canada and to the US. For shipping to other countries please contact us for a quote.

Pixel Lights are ultra low voltage, no electrician is required!


Yes, our entire system is built to withstand even the toughest weather conditions! Waterproof  to IP 67 and durable, Pixel Lights can be used year-round.

Our Pixel Lights are individually addressable 24v RGB LEDs

Because of our ultra-low-voltage, Pixel Lights are extremely safe.

Pixel Lights snap into a 3/8-inch hole that must be drilled into your gutters or aluminum channels. Our Pixel Lights drill bit (part of the starter package) ensures the perfect hole everytime!

Pixel Lights are 24v, and a single run can be up to 200 feet. Unlike other permanent lighting companies, our lights do not require power boosters.

Yes, a damaged light can be repaired. If you do not have any extra lights left over from your installation, a repair kit is available for purchase.

Pixel Lights are installed into a 3/8” hole. We recommend using a 1/8” drill bit for the pilot hole, and our 3/8” drill bit for the installation hole. Our starter kit includes our 3/8” drill bit, and it is also available to purchase separately.

A pilot hole is a small hole drilled into your gutter or channel that helps place the Pixel Light drill bit so that you are guaranteed a straight row of lights.

For our warranty, it is required to seal the end of the string with a waterproof marrette.



You can use your PC, tablet, or mobile device to connect to the Pixel Lights controller; you just need a WiFi connection.

That depends on how many Pixel Lights you’ll be using! One controller is able to power up to 200 feet on a single output and is designed with two output channels. Therefore, if your controller is centrally located, it can run up to 400 feet of Pixel Lights. 

Most standard homes only require one controller. 

There is no need to use power boosters with Pixel Lights! Pixel Lights run on lower voltage amps than any of our competition, which means no power boosters and a more energy efficient system for your home.


Yes, and that’s part of the fun of owning Pixel Lights! Change the lighting as often as you’d like depending on the season, holiday, or even your mood. Light up your house with your favourite team’s colours, or to support a cause… the possibilities are endless.

Yes, you can create your very own, one-of-a-kind pattern, which you can then share with other Pixel Lights users via the app.

There are dozens of user-generated patterns free to download directly from the app.

Yes! We designed our system to make sure that you feel totally comfortable using the Pixel Lights controller.