Custom Exterior Lighting

What are Pixel Lights?



What makes pixel lights different?

Our North American-Engineered Lights are built to withstand harsh winters and bright summers. Pixel Lights can stay up year round, no more ladders! 

Pixel Lights are also the most energy efficient permanent holiday lighting on the market. They use 24 volt, ultra-low-voltage to save power (and save money) while staying safe. 

Unlike some other permanent lighting companies, our lights are single bulb pixels, while still staying super bright! With a huge library of customizable patterns to choose from, and the options to make your own, you’ll never be bored with your Pixel Lights. 


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About pixel lights

We’re a company that’s passionate about making your home more beautiful and your life a lot easier.


With a background in industrial and commercial LED lighting, we created Pixel Lights to fill the gap in the market for low profile yet stunning permanent holiday lighting. We knew that if we were looking for energy-efficient, fully customizable lighting that could be permanently installed, other people must be looking for it too. 

Designed and engineered in North America, Pixel Lights are smarter, brighter, and let’s face it, a lot more fun than your average holiday lighting! We love seeing how happy customers are with their Pixel Lights.