Starter Kit


Save time and money by purchasing one of our Pixel Lights starter kits. Everything you need to start installing your permanent lighting today! Including:

  • One Pixel Lights controller (small, lightweight, and weatherproof, each controller supports 2500 pixels, powering up to 400 feet of Pixel Lights on a double output or 200 feet on a single run)
  • 50 feet of Pixel Lights (waterproof, durable, and energy efficient, our Pixel Lights are fully customizable and easy to install)
  • 6 Pixel Lights wire connectors (use these string field connectors to splice in any extensions needed in your installation, guaranteeing Pixel Lights can be adapted perfectly to your home)
  • 30 feet of Pixel Lights blank wire (easy to cut and used to span the gaps where Pixel Lights aren’t needed, our blank wire keeps your installation streamlined)
  • Pixel Lights drill bit (use our customized drill bit to drill the perfect hole for each Pixel Light, making your installation faster and easier)
  • Detailed installation guides are available for download